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Steven M. Bierig



Steven M. Bierig is engaged in the full-time practice of arbitration and mediation specializing in labor and employment disputes on a national basis. He has received both Ad Hoc appointments as well as being a member of numerous arbitration panels. Those panels have included the USPS and its constituent Unions, the City of Chicago and its constituent Unions, the Chicago Board of Education and Chicago Teachers Union, the State of Illinois and AFSCME, the National Elevator Bargaining Association, the FAA and NATCA, the AFA and IBT and United Airlines. Mr. Bierig has served as a contract mediator for the EEOC and is the mediator of medical disputes between the City of Chicago and the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #7. In 2016 and 2019, Mr. Bierig served as the Fact-Finder for the Chicago Board of Education and the Chicago Teachers Union. Mr. Bierig is a referee for the National Mediation Board and is affiliated with FMCS, AAA and the Illinois Department of Labor. He serves on the roster of arbitrators for the Illinois Labor and Educational Relations Board. He is a member of the National Academy of Arbitrators and a Fellow of the College of Labor and Employment Lawyers.
Mr. Bierig has served as an Adjunct Professor at IIT/Chicago Kent College of Law, He currently serves as an instructor at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and is an Adjunct Professor at the UIC School of Law. He has written numerous articles on labor and employment issues and lectures frequently on the topic.
Mr. Bierig received his J.D. with high honors from IIT/Chicago Kent College of Law. Prior to becoming a full time neutral, Mr. Bierig was engaged in the practice of labor law on the management side as a Senior Attorney Supervisor at the City of Chicago Law Department and was an attorney in the Labor and Employment Department at the Chicago Office of Katten Muchin & Zavis.

2023 Public Sector Conference
Steven M. Bierig |  Nicole Chaney |  Peter McNamara |  OpenAI's GPT-4
1 Hour 2 Minutes
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Dec 01, 2023
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