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Representation Case Update

Hot Topics in Contemporary Labor Relations Law Conference 2024
Employment Law |  Employment Discrimination Law
Paul Hitterman, JD |  Daniel N. Nelson
56 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Apr 25, 2024
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Tags: Labor Law


Dan Nelson & Paul Hitterman will review and have a discussion of significant, recent board decisions on representation cases, and a review of the new representation rules that went into effect December 2023


Paul Hitterman, JD's Profile

Paul Hitterman, JD Related Seminars and Products

Regional Attorney

National Labor Relations Board, Region 13

Paul Hitterman has spent his entire career with the National Labor Relations Board. He began as an Appellate Court attorney, where he represented the Board in almost all Courts of Appeals before moving to Chicago as a trial attorney. Since being in Region 13, he has worked to enforce the National Labor Relations Act as an attorney, supervisor, and manager. Since becoming Regional Attorney in 2014, he has been responsible for all of the Region’s legal work.

Daniel N. Nelson's Profile

Daniel N. Nelson Related Seminars and Products

Assistant to the Regional Director for the NLRB Region 13

National Labor Relations Board

Daniel Nelson is the Assistant to the Regional Director for the National Labor Relations Board Region 13 office and has served in this position since 2012. In this position, he assists the Regional Director with the management and processing of cases in the Region with a particular emphasis on representation case matters. Mr. Nelson has been with the agency since 1999 and has spent his entire NLRB career in the Chicago office. Mr. Nelson received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Syracuse University and his Master of Arts in Labor and Industrial Relations from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.