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Immigration: The Impact of Defrred Action Under the NLRA

Hot Topics in Contemporary Labor Relations Law Conference 2024
Employment Law |  Employment Discrimination Law
Angie Cowan Hamada, JD |  Chris Williams
57 Minutes
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Apr 25, 2024
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Tags: Labor Law


This panel will have a focus on Deferred Action for Labor-based Enforcement (DALE) and its impact on enforcement of federal, state and local laws by government agencies by granting temporary relief from the threat from employers of retaliatory attempts to deport whistleblowers and victims of workplace abuses. Taking a look at the step-by-step view of DALE. Attendees will also learn about the NLRB’s efforts to protect immigrant workers, its cooperation with DHS, and the significant impact that has on protecting workers’ rights under the NLRA.


Angie Cowan Hamada, JD's Profile

Angie Cowan Hamada, JD Related Seminars and Products

Regional Director, Region 13

National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)

Angie Cowan Hamada is the Regional Director of Region 13 of the National Labor Relations Board. Prior to starting as Regional Director in July 2022, Director Hamada was a shareholder at Allison, Slutsky & Kennedy based in Chicago where she represented unions and employees in labor and employment law matters before state and federal agencies, courts, as well as in arbitration, mediation and negotiations.  She was also previously a Commissioner on the Cook County Human Rights Commission and Chaired that Commission. She graduated from Chicago Kent Law School in 2005 with a certificate in Labor and Employment Law. Director Hamada was previously the program co-chair of the ABA’s Developing Labor Law Section, and is an editor of the treatise The Developing Labor Law: The Board, the Courts and the National Labor Relations Act.  


Chris Williams's Profile

Chris Williams Related Seminars and Products

Employment and Labor Lead Attorney

Working Families Legal Clinic of The Chicago Workers' Collaborative

In late 2022, Chris became the lead attorney in the labor and employment division of the Chicago Worker Collaborative’s Working Families Legal Clinic. Chris brings over two decades of experience as a legal advocate and, prior to that, another two decades as a union and community organizer.

Chris was one of the founders and the first Director of the Working Hands Legal Clinic (now the Raise the Floor Alliance) in Chicago, a non-profit legal clinic that works with a network of community-based worker centers to support workplace justice campaigns and to bring access to legal services for low wage Illinois workers in the area of labor and employment law. While Director, Chris advised the Illinois legislature on a number of pieces of legislation designed to protect the rights of Illinois’ most vulnerable workers, from the Illinois Day and Temporary Labor Services Act to the Illinois Right to Privacy in the Workplace Act.

In 2018, Chris co-founded a national legal advocacy organization, the National Legal Advocacy Network, which has helped to build and support a national network of worker centers and legal advocacy organizations addressing workplace abuses in a variety of industries, from temp workers, restaurant workers, warehouse workers and domestic workers.

Chris has been lead counsel or co-counseled in over 400 wage and hour and employment discrimination cases, including 45 class actions. Prior to practicing law, Chris spent over a decade as a union organizer for Chicago area labor unions and was a founding member of a Chicago-based worker center.