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Peggy V. Hatcher

Director, Region 3

Federal Managers Association

Peggy V. Hatcher is the director for region 3 (12 states) of the Federal Managers Association.  As an FMA member she served as Federal Managers Association Chapter 125 President, Board of Trustee, treasurer and as the region 3 Secretary. Peggy is also Lead Chemist of Corpus Christi Army Depot. Many of her projects emphasize in cost avoidance and cost reduction by eliminating waste driven work practices in various shops throughout the Depot. Peggy Hatcher was recently inducted to participate in CCAD’s Area Development Plan forecasting and planning of Corpus Christi Army Depot’s future footprint in 20, 30 and 50 years. She is decorated with two Army Civilian Achievement Medals for her participation in a mandated solvent replacement for vapor degreasing. Originally from Corpus Christi TX, Peggy Hatcher holds a Master of Science Degree and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from Texas A&M University at Kingsville.

FedSec - Workplace Reentry and Emerging Telework Issues

Mike J. McAuley |  Jeff Neal |  Peggy V. Hatcher
58 Minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Sep 22, 2021
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On Demand
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