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Pamela Langston-Cox

Area Counsel

Department of the Treasury, Office of Chief Counsel (IRS)

Pamela D. Langston-Cox, Esq. – Pamela has served with distinction in the Federal Civil Service for over 30 years.  Since 2001, Pamela has been the Area Counsel for the Chicago Field Office of the Office of Chief Counsel, Department of the Treasury (IRS).   As the Area Counsel of one of the six field offices in the country, she supervises a staff that provides litigation and advice services for IRS management in a seven-state area, as well as for nationwide cases.  Previously, in addition to her work in private law practice and non-profit administration, she gained in-depth experience representing management in all administrative law forums, including EEOC, FLRA, MSPB, arbitration, GAO, and the GSBCA.  She has presented numerous lectures and seminars on labor law and litigation advocacy topics across the country, including for the conferences presented by Federal Dispute Resolution, National QUAD, and National HIRE; for the Public Administration Forum, AIM, Government Training Institute, and Navy; and for various federal agencies’ management, personnel and labor relations staffs.  Pamela served as the Chair of the Chicago Federal Executive Board’s Executive Committee in FY2020.  An OPM and FMCS certified mediator, Pamela also served for many years as the Chair of the Chicago FEB’s Diversity Advisory Council and oversaw the FEB’s Shared Neutrals mediation program for two years.  She has served as an active member of and instructor for the Federal Sector Program Advisory Board for the Chicago-Kent College of Law’s Institute for Law and the Workplace since 2003, and served for many years on the Advisory Board for the Federal Training Foundation.  She is also a member of Federally Employed Women, the National Public Employer Labor Relations Association, the American Society for Public Administration, and the NITA Foundation Advocates Society.  Pamela received her B.A., M.A., and J.D. from the University of Akron, where she served on the University’s speech and theatre faculty and coached the forensics team.