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Joel M Weisblatt


New Jersey Public Employment Relations Commission

Joel Weisblatt serves as full-time Chair of the New Jersey Public Employment Relations Commission (NJ PERC) with jurisdiction over all public sector collective negotiations relationships in New Jersey. The Agency has divisions of Conciliation and Arbitration, Unfair Practices and Representation and of a General Counsel. Prior to joining NJ PERC, Mr. Weisblatt engaged in practice as an arbitrator, mediator and fact finder in labor relations disputes. He served as an impartial third party in over 5,000 matters involving employers and unions in both the public and private sectors and in various other employment disputes including individual employment contracts and employment issues involving statutory claims (e.g. FLSA, EEO and FMLA). From 1977 – 1982 he served as a staff mediator with the New Jersey Public Employment Relations Commission and assisted the parties in several hundred disputes including numerous crisis bargaining situations. Mr. Weisblatt received a B.S. from Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations and a J.D. from Brooklyn Law School.

IPS21 Plenary Panel - As We Move Forward: Major Recent Events and Their Impact on Public Sector Labor

Mr. Alex Breland |  Beverly Bunch |  Joel M Weisblatt |  Stacy Davis Gates
1 Hour 14 Minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Dec 02, 2021
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On Demand
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