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Howard Friedman

FSIP Member

Federal Service Impasses Panel, FLRA

Howard Friedman served 25 years in the federal government as an attorney and 23 years as President of the National Treasury Employees Union, Chapter 245, at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). A former chief spokesperson and negotiator for the Trademark attorneys at the USPTO, Mr. Friedman is experienced in federal labor law, negotiating collective bargaining agreements, labor-management and employee relations, government operations, and mediating and resolving workplace disputes. He was the labor co-chair of the USPTO and Department of Commerce labor-management forum. A former President of the Society of Federal Labor & Employee Relations Professionals, Mr. Friedman teaches federal labor relations to human resource professionals, agency managers, mediators and arbitrators, and union officials. As a long-standing member of the USPTO Trademark Public Advisory Committee, he advised its director on improving operations, performance, budget, and fee structure policies. Mr. Friedman played an integral role in creating and growing the USPTO’s well-known telework program, which started in 1997 with 18 Trademark examining attorneys and now has over 11,000 employees able to work from home. Mr. Friedman graduated from Delaware Law School and the University of Maryland.

Closing Plenary: Federal Service Impasses Panel Update

Martin H. Malin |  Wynter Allen |  Jeanne Charles |  Mark Gaston Pearce, JD |  Howard Friedman |  Pamela Schwartz |  Tamiko Watkins |  Edward F. Hartfield |  ....
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Sep 15, 2022
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